hotel shikisai

Hotel Shikisai Kyoto – Concept Movie

We created a concept movie to represent HOTEL SHIKISAI KYOTO, a concept hotel located in the center of Kyoto, near Karasuma Oike. The concept of Shikisai, which has eight spacious rooms, is to enjoy the four seasons of the world and of Kyoto with your five senses. In addition, on the first floor there is a salon where you can enjoy specially selected tea and feel the elegance of the old capital. The rooftop garden will give you a unique sense of freedom. Your trip will be all the more memorable after seeing what only Kyoto has to offer. Our concept movie was created with an emphasis on giving a realistic impression of how customers can enjoy each room of the hotel and Kyoto itself with their five senses.

Client : Shikishima Housing
Architect : Satoru Watanabe
Creative Director : Yoshihiro Misaki (design NEUTRAL)
Space designer : Yuko Saito (design NEUTRAL)
Movie director : Hideki Oshima (Atolo)
Art Director : Hajime Mizuguchi (Atolo)
Cinematography : Takehiko Tamiya
Photographer : Hiromitu Yasui
Make Up : Tamaki Kagayama
Editor : Takashi Kawakami (Atolo)
Illustration : Takashi Kawakami (Atolo)
Color grading : Hajime Mizuguchi (Atolo)
Sound Produce & Compose : Hajime Saito
Music Arrange : Akihiko Ohtsubo
Violin : Kazuha Takahashi
Production : Atolo

Ayaka Hirao
Yuka Nakamura
Tamaki Kagayama
Daisuke Kagayama
Tamaki Kagayama
Suzu Kagayama
Taichi Kagayama
Niko Kagayama
Yuka Nakamura
Yoshiko Nakamura