Kamakurabori AZUMAYA

We created the visuals for Azumaya, a traditional “Kamakura-bori” craft manufacturer and shop located directly in front of the Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gu Shrine in Kamakura. The form of the traditional craft, which has been inherited for a long time from the interaction of many people, needed to take on a new shape the modern era required of it. The form of things changes with time – we expressed that concept of overlapping forms in the shape of a circle. We also represented the prosperity of culture and tradition on the spot through the motif of the ginkgo tree, which can be said to be a symbol of Hachiman-gu and Kamakura.

AZUMAYA   リーフレット

Creative Director:Hideki Oshima
Art Director:Hajime Mizuguchi
Designer:Hideki Oshima, Hajime Mizuguchi
Sound Designer:Hajime Saito