Mitsubishi MAM 2018 TVCM

In the 2018 Mitsubishi Agricultural Machinery brand commercial, we emphasized conveying the intense passion of the company towards manufacturing and presented nature, people, and products in a powerfully realistic manner. What the company cherishes at all times isn’t only product specifications, but also a consideration for the farmers and the future of agriculture. We showed their will to continue to uphold that stance, with which they have walked hand in hand with nature for a long time, and make further advances towards a new future.

Creative Director : Hideki Oshima
Art Director : Hajime Mizuguchi
Production Manager : Takuma Tsuji(focalnaut)
Cinematography : Takuya Segawa
Camera Assist : Koji Ito
Casting : Takuma Tsuji(focalnaut)
Make Up : Hanako Kaiya
Editor & Visual Effects : Takashi Kawakami
Color grading : Hajime Mizuguchi
Sound Designer : Takakazu Kasahara (Tokai Sound)
Re-recording Mixer : Hiroki Sawada (Tokai Sound)
Production : Atolo

Haluo Matsumoto