Mitsubishi MAM 2019 DMTG

We created the concept movie aired at the Mitsubishi Agricultural Machinery 2019 dealer meeting. While following the “~Long Life~ Making both people and tools longevous and strong” brand concept, we powerfully expressed the “One Team One Goal” group slogan through photo collage and motion graphic. The members of the Mitsubishi Agricultural Machinery group work together and help each other daily in a harsh environment where people face nature and shape it. They utilized their creativity with the concept of “hope, friendship, and trust”. The vision of a company thinking about the future of farmers and agriculture and proudly raising a flag and running forward is shown in an emotional light.

Creative Director:Hideki Oshima
Art Director:Hajime Mizuguchi
Make Up:Hanako Kaiya
Photograph:Shinji Tanaka
Editor:Hideki Oshima
Color grading:Hajime Mizuguchi
Sound Designer:Hajime Saito (beBlue)