Mitsubishi MAM – GCR Concept Movie

As domestic agriculture rapidly expands in scale, high tractive performance is required in order to freely operate large work machines. We created a promotion movie for GCR1380, developed by Mitsubishi Agricultural Machinery for that purpose. This is the debut of a product which further refines the performance of the GCR full crawler tractor, which has been continuously improved upon over the years. They utilized their creativity with the concept of Power and Pride. A new future of agriculture Mitsubishi aims for was shown.

Creative Director : Hideki Oshima
Art Director : Hajime Mizuguchi
Production Manager : Takuma Tsuji(focalnaut)
Cinematography : Takuya Segawa
Camera Assist : Koji Ito
Casting : Takuma Tsuji(focalnaut)
Make Up : Hanako Kaiya
Editor & Visual Effects : Takashi Kawakami
Color grading : Hajime Mizuguchi
Sound Designer : Takakazu Kasahara (Tokai Sound)
Re-recording Mixer : Hiroki Sawada (Tokai Sound)
Production : Atolo