Sakitori Shrine 1650 prayers

An annual festival was held at Sakitori Shrine in Shinomiya, Kanagawa Prefecture. We created a documentary film of the three-day festival which represents a major milestone – the 1650th anniversary of enshrinement, reached in the year 2019. Three Mikoshi portable shrines were carried in the celebratory procession on the final day, and shrine-bearers and participants only numbered over 2000 people in this lively festival. The good old Japanese soul, treasured since ancient times – reverence towards deities and ancestor worship – can be felt from the passionate spirits and expressions of the participating parishioners. This documentary was created in order to pursue the answer to this big question: what is prayer, cherished so by our predecessors?

Director : Hideki Oshima
Cinematography : Takehiko Tamiya
Camera Assist : Kouichirou Kawato
Sound operator : Ken Takahashi (be Blue)
Art Director : Hajime Mizuguchi
Sound operator Assist : Kouta Yamada (be Blue)
Editor & Visual Effects : Hideki Oshima
Color grading : Hajime Mizuguchi
Sound Designer : Hajime Saito (be Blue)
Re-recording Mixer : Ken Takahashi (be Blue)
Narration : Homare Horikawa
Production : Atolo