Sakitori Shrine 1650 prayers

An annual festival held at Maetori Shrine in Shinomiya, Kanagawa Prefecture. In charge of the documentary images of the three-day festival, which will be a major milestone that will be held in 2001. On the final day of the consecration, there are three shrines, accompanied by a lively festival of more than 2000 people. The strong feelings and expressions of the children and men who participate in the festival strongly feel the good old Japanese heart and godliness who have been treasured since ancient times. What is the prayer that has been cherished by our predecessors so far? The question was pursued and production was promoted.

Director : Hideki Oshima
Cinematography : Takehiko Tamiya
Camera Assist : Kouichirou Kawato
Sound operator : Ken Takahashi (be Blue)
Art Director : Hajime Mizuguchi
Sound operator Assist : Kouta Yamada (be Blue)
Editor & Visual Effects : Hideki Oshima
Color grading : Hajime Mizuguchi
Sound Designer : Hajime Saito (be Blue)
Re-recording Mixer : Ken Takahashi (be Blue)
Narration : Homare Horikawa
Production : Atolo