Yamato Clinic

The Yamato Clinic treats many home care terminal cancer patients and attends to them in their final moments at home, mainly in Itabashi Ward, Tokyo. In Japan, the number of single-person households of the elderly and those requiring long-term care is increasing rapidly, and as many as 470,000 persons are predicted to become “nursing refugees” without a secured place to die by the year 2030. Yamato Clinic considers the training of medical care assistants (home treatment PA) to be the key to dealing with Japan’s social problems. This video was created with the intention to incite many young people who will grow from now on to become home treatment PAs by showing them the importance of the place where life and death occur.

Creative Director:Hideki Oshima
Art Director:Hajime Mizuguchi
Make Up:Hanako Kaiya
Photograph:Shinji Tanaka
Editor:Hideki Oshima
Color grading:Hajime Mizuguchi