24 06,2019

I can fly in the gray world.

23 06,2019

Inject the soul into the plot.

22 06,2019

The wilderness is an adventure for you.
I learn a lot from you.
I was taught to face myself now.

21 06,2019

Thank you as always.
I love you son.
Happy 8th birthday.

20 06,2019

I have no confidence in myself.
It is important to believe in yourself.
I input a lot and output a lot.

19 06,2019

It is happy to know beautiful math.
Visiting beautiful architecture stimulates imagination.

18 06,2019

Think biologically.
It is to live biologically from my bones.

17 06,2019

There is a similar city.
Something similar to nature somewhere.

16 06,2019

You do not have to lament.
I am not alone.
We are with the illusion.

15 06,2019

Surfaces exist in various directions.
The direction of travel is not limited to the future.
If so, the future and the past may be repeating.

14 06,2019

Darkness of the mind is a thing of loneliness.
This door goes from the inside to the outside.

13 06,2019

Why do we draw pictures?
The picture of Chagall taught me the meaning.

12 06,2019

I always speak to art.
You are aware of that.
The important thing is the courage to answer.

11 06,2019

Virgin means Maria.

10 06,2019

Dante taught me something very important.
What is it for “Can.”

09 06,2019

Imagination is drawn by the chain of light, shadow and line.

08 06,2019

I want to break the fixed concept.
Therefore I think I need to turn upside down.

07 06,2019

It is not a newspaper ad.
You need to look closely at his accomplishments.
Because that is what humanity needs.

06 06,2019

What do you feel?

05 06,2019

A change indicates that the choice is different.
Will you change?

04 06,2019

The discovery of new things is not clear at first.
I can understand it gradually.
The essence does not change.
I only change.

03 06,2019

Where is the richness of this country?

02 06,2019

It looks natural.
But it’s very difficult to get in balance.

01 06,2019

The future is in that hand.

31 05,2019

I am pleased to start here.

30 05,2019

Draw your world on white paper.
It can be made with only pen and paper.

29 05,2019

I and you are different people.
I can only listen to you on your side.

28 05,2019

I go to grasp the consciousness that I let go once again.

27 05,2019

I love Japan.
And I decided to leave this country.
That’s because it is truly Japanese.

26 05,2019

The flight creates a nostalgic memory for some reason.
It is a memory of when I was in the body.

25 05,2019

There is another story in someone’s book.

24 05,2019

People have the property of looking only at the face.
You can swell your imagination many times by not looking at your face.

23 05,2019

There is something close to noise and fantasy.

22 05,2019

To fix is also to make.

21 05,2019

I think there is also darkness that can be born from light.

20 05,2019

Shapes made from nature look natural.

19 05,2019

There are gaps in the shadows.

18 05,2019

I pray for my family at the church.

17 05,2019

The Tuscan river is dirty and so beautiful.
The movement of the heart requires pain.

16 05,2019

What order do you want to see yourself?

15 05,2019

The hierarchy is turning.

14 05,2019

The poet is still alive.
It’s just a change in shape.

13 05,2019

There is a door on the big wall.

12 05,2019

Architecture was the artist’s job.
There was a prayer there.

11 05,2019

Reproduction represents everything.
There is an important meaning there.

10 05,2019

It is great to have a horn.

09 05,2019

The sky and the sea have the same color.
The most beautiful thing has the property of becoming one.

08 05,2019

It is the first graphic design I encounter at the Paris airport.

07 05,2019

The contrast between dark and light is beautiful.

06 05,2019

The process is important for Japanese.

05 05,2019

Is it up?
Is it down?

04 05,2019

Heaven and earth are connected by light.

03 05,2019

it’s very beautiful.
Beautiful things change.

02 05,2019

Plants and the universe are similar.
I will not forget
I remember the memory at that time.

01 05,2019

It is a day of revival.
Destruction and regeneration.

30 04,2019

It is the last day.

29 04,2019

It will be almost night.
I pray for stardust.
I draw a new story.

28 04,2019

Layers create stories.
I can not understand the true scale.

27 04,2019

Cloud and light phenomena.

26 04,2019

A lot of light becomes one stop.

25 04,2019

Relativity expresses beauty.

24 04,2019

It is not only the consciousness that exchanges.
Matter is interesting.

23 04,2019

Creatures return to nature.

22 04,2019

The wind path is made of wood.

21 04,2019

I learned that I do not know.
I am changing me.

20 04,2019

That is a very beautiful thing.
The petals dance.
Forever in my memory.

19 04,2019

You need to remove the border.

18 04,2019

Why are you going?
There is no same road as today.
I can thank you today.

17 04,2019

It is the day when I knew the blueness of the sky.

16 04,2019


15 04,2019

It is important that you be present.
I will know me at any time except me.
I need you.

14 04,2019

A healing weekend here.
I saw a certain rainbow there.

13 04,2019

To draw is to look at the heart.

12 04,2019

The reaction is interesting.
Sometimes black turns white.

11 04,2019

A light that shows the next way.
I am really happy.
Thank you.
I will go forward.

10 04,2019

Is the color of the sky blue?
Leonardo had doubts about that.
It’s a great idea.
It is not a matter of course.

09 04,2019

The color is decided by yourself.
Wind color invisible to adults.
I still remember.

08 04,2019

In the sea there is something I don’t know.

07 04,2019

Japanese cherry blossoms are beautiful.
Because it is unsatisfying.

06 04,2019

I am always shaking.
So funny.

05 04,2019

Feeling sky and the sea.
I will not forget that day.
I remember.

04 04,2019

Draw a story in the blue sky.

03 04,2019


02 04,2019

Where a fantastic sky.
No reason.
Just feel it.

01 04,2019

Full ahead and try!!!
Believe in yourself.

31 03,2019

キミ達 が映画を見ているその顔が大好きなんだ。

30 03,2019

The flowers do not wither.
That is what you decide.

29 03,2019

The elemental symbol of carbon is 6C.
The universe is an art drawn with beautiful numbers and chemistry.
In Japan, the era name changes.

28 03,2019


27 03,2019

Φaedo -パイドン-
The words show the beginning and the end.
A vast galaxy spreads.

26 03,2019

Thinking about death is thinking about life.

25 03,2019

I know how much I hurt you.
I love you. you are you.

24 03,2019

Even if there is a large wall,
it can be larger than that wall.

23 03,2019

The hero is always you and me.

22 03,2019

Are you going to heaven or to earth?
It is like a journey of the soul.

21 03,2019

Beautiful flowers bloom.
That is for you.

20 03,2019

I don’t know where the joy appears.
If you look closely, it will be in front of you.

19 03, 2019

I think that’s fine.
You and I are free.

18 03, 2019

Thoughts come to heaven.

17 03, 2019

Electricity and forest balance.
In order to make the relationship beautiful,
we need the evening.