12 09,2019

I remembered.
His mission at that time.

11 09,2019

Organically seek medicine and architecture.

10 09,2019

Multiple relationships produce a solid.

09 09,2019

The road to history.

08 09,2019

His presence is changing my life.

07 09,2019

I couldn’t notice at that time.
It is very important.

06 09,2019

Will go to Italy again.

05 09,2019

There is a will in the stone.
So ancient people used stone.

04 09,2019

There is psychology to know by learning physical works.

03 09,2019

I cherish physical expression.

02 09,2019

It is the story that best understands death.

01 09,2019

Action is required.

30 08,2019

It looks different depending on the person.
That is the difference in the eyes of the heart.

29 08,2019

Does it appear mixed?
Do you see one?

28 08,2019

Start drawing a story.
I don’t know what I want to draw until I start drawing.

27 08,2019

Street fightingman

26 08,2019

It is philosophy that has saved me.
It is philosophy that bothers me.

25 08,2019

I hear it from Chagall’s cry.
The idea was born.

24 08,2019

People are chained.
I am not alone.

23 08,2019

An unknown world exists.
That’s why it’s interesting.

22 08,2019

I got a flame this morning.
The big flow finally began to move.
I will start.

21 08,2019

I think that the essence of things is the mind from multiple angles.

20 08,2019

I love British trees.
There is Gothic.

19 08,2019

The story leads to Egypt or Greece.
Don’t you think so?

18 08,2019

Show me the real face behind the mask.