12 04,2019

The reaction is interesting.
Sometimes black turns white.

11 04,2019

A light that shows the next way.
I am really happy.
Thank you.
I will go forward.

10 04,2019

Is the color of the sky blue?
Leonardo had doubts about that.
It’s a great idea.
It is not a matter of course.

09 04,2019

The color is decided by yourself.
Wind color invisible to adults.
I still remember.

08 04,2019

In the sea there is something I don’t know.

07 04,2019

Japanese cherry blossoms are beautiful.
Because it is unsatisfying.

06 04,2019

I am always shaking.
So funny.

05 04,2019

Feeling sky and the sea.
I will not forget that day.
I remember.

04 04,2019

Draw a story in the blue sky.

03 04,2019


02 04,2019

Where a fantastic sky.
No reason.
Just feel it.

01 04,2019

Full ahead and try!!!
Believe in yourself.

31 03,2019

キミ達 が映画を見ているその顔が大好きなんだ。

30 03,2019

The flowers do not wither.
That is what you decide.

29 03,2019

The elemental symbol of carbon is 6C.
The universe is an art drawn with beautiful numbers and chemistry.
In Japan, the era name changes.

28 03,2019


27 03,2019

Φaedo -パイドン-
The words show the beginning and the end.
A vast galaxy spreads.

26 03,2019

Thinking about death is thinking about life.

25 03,2019

I know how much I hurt you.
I love you. you are you.

24 03,2019

Even if there is a large wall,
it can be larger than that wall.

23 03,2019

The hero is always you and me.

22 03,2019

Are you going to heaven or to earth?
It is like a journey of the soul.

21 03,2019

Beautiful flowers bloom.
That is for you.

20 03,2019

I don’t know where the joy appears.
If you look closely, it will be in front of you.

19 03, 2019

I think that’s fine.
You and I are free.

18 03, 2019

Thoughts come to heaven.

17 03, 2019

Electricity and forest balance.
In order to make the relationship beautiful,
we need the evening.

16 03,2019

There is an overlap of distance and memories in the time spent by car.
To a special place.

15 03,2019

I wrap a bouquet that is important to you.
Such her heart is more than a bouquet.

14 03,2019

Most of them feel colors.
The color captures the breath of the place.

13 03,2019

It was a very pale and soft light.

12 03,2019

Silk screen printing always excites me.

11 03,2019

It is made up of dots and dots.
It becomes a shape by drawing a line there.

10 03,2019

Is it hard or soft?
Is it dark or bright?
It depends on the feelings that face each other.

09 03,2019

There is something born of unbalance.

08 03,2019

The world contained in black.

07 03,2019

Action is eloquence.

06 03,2019

Breathe in heavily.
I am trying to change something.

05 03,2019

I hear a friend’s voice.
There is light in a nice place.
I appreciate it.

04 03,2019



03 03,2019

Today is a “Hinamatsuri” in Japan.

02 03,2019

The world above the clouds.

01 03,2019

A big milestone.
An important milestone.

28 02,2019

I told myself.
I thought with my mind.
I hear your voice.

27 02,2019

destruction and creation.
darkness and light.

26 02.2019

I am living in the story that you drew.

25 02,2019

I am seeking inevitability at the point of seeking coincidence.
We are chaining.

24 02,2019

Shadows reflected with strong light.
Before and behind are me, and you.

23 02,2019

Light and shadow.
Both the face and the back are you.

22 02,2019

You are seeking inevitability.
We are chaining between us.

21 02.2019

Do you also turn clockwise?
Do you repeat it again?
Will you turn around forever?
I do not want to lie anymore.
Sorry, I do not have the time.

20 02,2019

Expectations and betrayals of the face and back.

19 02,2019

My nostalgic memory for drawing.
I always liked blue and black.

18 02,2019

A rock swaying in the light that repeats.

17 02,2019

Space is a system that produces afterimage of people.
It is repeated to create memory.

16 02,2019

Hands that memorize with texture and touch.

15 02,2019

It’s time to write and rub and see.

14 02,2019

It emits light.
It is thanks to the darkness.
That is the same.

13 02,2019

There is a big wall.
Someday that wall will be my own.

12 02, 2019

Outside light illuminates the inside of the room.
A pleasant morning.
I make the window smaller and sleep a little more.

11 02,2019

Like you, I also protect her.
Thank you as always.

10 02,2019

I know a spell to you.
I am in love with magic.
No one can get out of there.

09 02,2019

I like things that appear by arranging.

08 02,2019

Why is the sky blue?
I really want to know the answer.

07 02,2019

Light and chain.

20 01,2019

There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.
- Shakespeare -