21 08,2019

I think that the essence of things is the mind from multiple angles.

20 08,2019

I love British trees.
There is Gothic.

19 08,2019

The story leads to Egypt or Greece.
Don’t you think so?

18 08,2019

Show me the real face behind the mask.

17 08,2019

Geometry is an art that applies to everything.

16 08,2019

To pray is to connect.

15 08,2019

The end of the war.
I pray to the 200,000 dead.

14 08,2019

Assuming a narrative.

13 08,2019

In mythology, people were proud to hold down animals with tools.

12 08,2019

Animals and people have eternal stories.

11 08,2019

I learn suspense.
Because myth is suspense.

09 08,2019

Wise man.
What do you do about this world?

08 08,2019

I have never met such a beautiful shape.
It will be that his heart is beautiful.

10 08,2019

I do a project to connect UK and Japan.

07 08,2019

Ask and farewell

06 08,2019

I want to change.
The sun is shining on you.

05 08,2019

Time represents a change.
I don’t want to miss the time of creation.

04 08,2019

Give me gold wings.
The index finger points to heaven.

03 08,2019

Hellenistic is back in me.

02 08,2019

How are humans looking at things?

01 08,2019

What do you feel?
I feel so big here.

31 07,2019

finished. And it starts.
It was really hard.

30 07,2019

Make a meaningful meeting and improve yourself.

29 07,2019

Everybody has a path of suffering.

28 07,2019

I think that it should be rebuilt many times.
I will go to an important place.